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Help with Relationship Problems

Find out where you can get professional help
  • 19 April 2024
  • 7min

When facing relationship issues, there are several options available to get help with relationship problems, ranging from family counselling, private psychologists and couples therapists, but also tools that you can work with on your own.

The different alternatives are suited to different degrees of severity on problems in relationships and practical circumstances. Here, we'll explore the different ways to get help and advice on relationship problems so you can determine what suits best for your relationship.

Help with relationship - family counselling

In family counselling, couples and families that are experiencing problems can receive counselling to get advice on relationship problems and find new possibilities and solutions to their conflicts. Sometimes, family counselling may also involve ending a relationship in the best possible way.

The setup for family counselling varies depending on in which country you live. We recommend you to search on the internet to find out exactly how it works in the country and city you live in.

Family counselling services in the UK for example are often provided by various organisations, including charities, private practices, and the National Health Service (NHS). The setup and availability may vary depending on the specific provider and location.

To access family counselling services in the UK and get help with relationships, individuals, couples or families often need to contact the provider directly or be referred by a healthcare professional. Booking appointments may involve contacting the service by phone, email, or through an online booking system.

The cost of family counselling sessions in the UK can also vary widely depending on how the service is provided. NHS services are usually free of charge, while private practices often take a charge. Additionally, individuals may be eligible for free counselling through their GP or local mental health services.

Couples therapy with private psychologists or couples therapists

There are also many private practitioners offering help with relationships. Here, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right option among all the various alternatives that are available. We recommend seeking help from a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist when experiencing problems and need help with you relationship.

In the UK, professional licensure serves as a recognition of individuals who have attained the necessary education and practical experience to achieve professional certification. Licensed psychologists typically possess a foundational education in psychotherapy. However, it's worth knowing that individuals from various professional backgrounds, including social workers, a priest, or medical practitioners, may undergo additional training to become qualified psychotherapists.

Therapy with private psychologists or psychotherapists is suitable for those who want more flexibility in choosing their therapist, and there is often greater flexibility in the setup of therapy sessions and the number of sessions. However, it's worth noting that actual prices may vary depending on the therapist's location, expertise, and other factors.

Find a couples therapist near you

Seeking supportive therapy or counselling near you? We've compiled a directory of committed psychologists and therapists in different countries and cities to assist you in finding the perfect match. Couples therpay near me.

Online couples therapy

There are also psychologists and therapists offering help with relationships and couples therapy online, usually through video calls. You can find information on whether a therapist offers video calls on their respective practice's website.

Couples therapy through video calls is suitable for those who find it difficult to physically go to a therapist's practice or live in an area with limited options. However, the cost is often the same as for a physical meeting, and you will get the most out of therapy and help with relationship problems in a relationship if both partners can be in the same room at the same time.

What prevents couples from seeking help with their relationship?

As psychologists, most couples we meet in couples therapy seek help with relationship problems have already become too significant. There are many reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, it is common for one partner to be the driving force behind seeking help. Perhaps the other one does not see the same need or finds it sensitive to involve a third party in the room. There is a stigma surrounding couples therapy and seeking help with relationship problems, and many see it as a failure to end up there.

There are also more practical barriers, such as difficulty taking time off during the day together. Many also find that finances are a barrier. While family counselling is available, there may be long waiting times or limitations on the number of sessions, and seeking help with relationship problems from a private practitioner can quickly become very costly.

Resolving problems in relationship on your own with Ally

You can also start working on your relationship problems on your own. This is especially a good option if the issues in your relationship are not too severe. Working more preventively to strengthen the relationship is also a way to prevent problems from growing.

The Ally app is developed by licensed psychologists Helga J Wennerdal and Clara Zelleroth. With Ally, you as a user can develop effective relationship skills to take your relationship where you want it to go. You and your partner will deepen and develop your relationship, but also learn to manage challenges that you may experience in your relationship today. The relationship exercises are based on evidence-based methods used in couples therapy. Read more about the method behind Ally.

A first step in getting a better understanding of the problems in a relationship may be to start with the Relationship temperature and get an analysis of your relationship. You can do this for free in our app, AllyCouples, which is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Ally is easily accessible by being a completely digital service, a smartphone app that is directly in your phone. Work and get help with relationship problems whenever it suits you. You don't need to meet anyone external or be able to take time off during the day.

Get started on building a stronger and closer relationship

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