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Dive into our collection of insightful articles designed to help you and your partner nurture a stronger bond!

A mom who is a working parent laying in bed with her sick kids.
29 May 2024

Working Parents - Taking Care of Sick Kids Again...

Discover these tips for working parents to navigate the challenges of caring for sick kids, especially during sick season. Maintain open communication to reduce conflicts and ensure mutual support.

A woman sitting with her phone and talking to her boyfriend, they have a long-distance relationship.
28 May 2024

Maintaining Love in a Long-Distance Relationship

Living in a long-distance relationship poses unique challenges, but with the right approach, you can keep your love thriving.

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A woman writing in a gratitude journal, focused on her relationship.
27 May 2024

Gratitude Journal – What Are You Grateful For In Your Relationship?

Enhance your well-being and relationship satisfaction by writing a gratitude journal focused on your relationship. Develop a positive view of your partner and counteract negativity.

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A girl feeling sad and depressed. She has pms/pmdd and a relationship.
22 May 2024

PMS/PMDD and Relationships

Discover how to manage PMS/PMDD symptoms with effective strategies and improve your relationship.

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Two women sitting in a couch and trying to overcome their communication problems.
21 May 2024

Overcoming Communication Problems

Effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy and fulfilling relationships. By implementing these three tips, you'll gain tools to solve and overcome communication problems with your partner.

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A couple standing in a living room and arguing. Learn how to stop arguing with your partner.
20 May 2024

How to Stop Arguing With Your Partner

Discover the problematic patterns of interaction in your relationship and learn how to argue constructively.

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A man and a woman lying in bed kissing. They have differences in sexual desire.
16 May 2024

Differences in Sexual Desire

Do you feel like you have a stronger sexual desire than your partner? Being sexually mismatched can be a difficult issue for couples, leading to tension, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Read more to understand why this happens and how to manage it.

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A man sitting at a table near a window, gives the feeling of overthinking in a relationship.
15 May 2024

Overthinking in a Relationship

Discover how overthinking is affecting your relationship and how you can gradually reduce it.

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A couple playing with their children after they parctising relationship exercises from couples therapy.
14 May 2024

Relationship Exercises from Couples Therapy

Looking to strengthen your relationship? Check out these 5 effective exercises for couples that are commonly used in couples therapy. These exercises can help improve your bond and enhance your emotional connection.

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A man in a suit looking stressed while holding a cell phone, showing signs of texting anxiety.
13 May 2024

Texting anxiety

Learn about texting anxiety its causes, impact on the relationship, and how to deal with it.

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A man holding a bouquet that is a gift, one of the love languages
10 May 2024

Love Languages

Learn about common love languages and how to express love in different ways. Discover the concept of love behaviors and eight common ways of showing love.

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A couple sitting with a therapist asking "how does couples therapy work?"
8 May 2024

How Does Couples Counselling Work?

Discover what to expect from couples counselling and how to strengthen your relationship.

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A couple sitting in a couch trying couples therapy DIY
8 May 2024

Couples therapy DIY

Discover the power of Couples Therapy DIY in nurturing your relationship at home.

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A man and a woman hugging each other and wondering how to improve their relationship
7 May 2024

How to Improve Your Relationship

Discover effective strategies and practical tips on how to improve your relationship. Enhance connection, communication, and emotional engagement with your partner.

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A woman and a man sitting on a bench, looking distant and disconnected, hinting at emotional cheating.
6 May 2024

Emotional Cheating in a Relationship

Learn about emotional cheating and its impact on relationships. Understand the importance of trust and honesty in maintaining a strong bond with your partner.

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A man and woman discussing in a kitchen. Symbolizes borderline personality disorder and relationships.
3 May 2024

Borderline Personality Disorder and Relationships

Discover strategies for living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and learn about managing intense emotions, self-image struggles, and relationship challenges.

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Mother and son embrace in the woods, showing love. The woman and her partner has a disagreement on having children.
2 May 2024

When You and Your Partner Disagree about Having Children

Discover solutions when you and your partner disagree about having children. Explore the complexities, find common ground, and learn when seeking professional guidance is crucial.

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A woman sitting in a convertible car with a man in the back seat, symbolizing a misunderstanding in relationships.
30 April 2024

Overcoming Misunderstandings in Relationships

Explore the common occurrence of misunderstandings in relationships and discover effective strategies for handling them better.

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Couple lying in bed, experience sex and desire.
29 April 2024

Sex and Desire in Relationships

Explore the importance of attraction, desire, and a satisfying sex life in building a lasting relationship. Discover how to maintain a strong bond while navigating the natural ebb and flow of passion.

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A man sleeping alone in his bed. He and his partner have a sleep divorce.
26 April 2024

Benefits of Sleep Divorce

Explore the concept of "Sleep Divorce" and why more couples are considering separate beds for a healthier relationship.

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A painted brain and the text adhd, the picture is Illustrating adhd and relationship problems
25 April 2024

ADHD and Relationship Problems

Discover the challenges that ADHD can bring to relationships and learn how to overcome them. Whether you have ADHD or are partnered with someone who does, this blog post offers insights into navigating the impact of ADHD on your relationship.

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Two women laughing abut different stages of relationships, lying on a couch together, sharing a moment of comfort and companionship
24 April 2024

Different Stages of Relationships

Explore the stages of love and partnership. Discover the challenges, growth, and joy that come with each phase of a relationship.

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 Senior couple sitting on sofa, using tablet for help with relationship.
19 April 2024

Help with Relationship Problems

Discover various options to seek help for relationship problems. From family counseling to couples therapists, private psychologists and a self-guided tool!

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A couple sitting in the couch experiences some common relationship problems
18 April 2024

10 Common Relationship Problems

Are you struggling with Relationship Problems? Discover 10 Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them.

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Man carrying his child and a woman pushing a child in a stroller, showcasing an equal relationship.
15 April 2024

Are You in an Equal Partnership?

Discover practical tips and advice for fostering equality in your relationship. Empower your partnership with strategies for building understanding and a more equal bond.

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A couple sitting in a livingroom with eletronic devices and they're in a relationship without intimacy.
12 April 2024

Relationship Without Intimacy

Learn how positive actions, effective communication and understanding can foster a deeper connection in your relationship.

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A couple standing under an umbrella, symbolising emotional sensitivities in relationship.
11 April 2024

Emotional Sensitivities in Relationships

Discover how emotional sensitivities can trigger conflicts in relationships and learn how to navigate and overcome them. Explore common sensitivities, their origins, and helpful strategies for fostering a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

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A couple sitting on a bench, facing each other, engaged in deep conversation and practice active listening in their relationship.
10 April 2024

Active Listening in Relationships

Enhance your relationship with active listening exercises and techniques. Discover how to become a better listener and improve your communication skills.

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A man wearing a black shirt focused on his phone screen, is sexting cheating
9 April 2024

Is Sexting Cheating?

Delve into the world of sexting, its impact on relationships, and whether it's considered cheating.

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A couple laying in bed together, woman experiencing low sex drive.
8 April 2024

Low Sex Drive in Women

Discover how understanding desire and pleasure can help address low sex drive in women, and how creating a safe and pleasurable environment, feeling loved, and experimenting with activities can enhance intimacy and sexual desire.

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A couple and two children sitting by a table,  portraying a sense of feeling lonely in relationship.
4 April 2024

Feeling Lonely In A Relationship

Feeling lonely in a relationship often results from different factors. Learn how addressing these issues through communication and self-reflection can help overcome the feeling of loneliness.

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A pink heart that  symbolises different needs in a relationship
3 April 2024

Different Needs in a Relationship

Looking for ways to understand and navigate the different needs or personalities in your relationship? Read about the key factors that contribute to differences in personality and needs.

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Two persons hugging eachother after doing exercises for couples therapy
2 April 2024

Couples Therapy: 7 Exercises for Couples to Practice at Home

Strengthen your bond with 7 powerful at home exercises for couples therapy that can transform your relationship.

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A couple standing by a sink, are they in a narcissistic relationship or is it just common reactions during their conflicts..
1 April 2024

Narcissistic Relationship

Explore the complexities of narcissism and its impact on relationships. Gain insights into distinguishing between narcissistic behavior and common reactions during conflicts.

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A man and a woman are sitting outside where the man is sitting with his phone. The women is feeling retroactive realousy.
28 March 2024

Retroactive Jealousy - 5 Steps to Fight It

Retroactive jealousy is a type of jealousy that stems from obsessing over a partner's past romantic or sexual experiences. This blog post explores the causes, effects, and coping strategies for retroactive jealousy.

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A child and a man sitting on the floor holding some sticks. There is also a woman sitting in a chair with a book in her hand thinking about if she should break up.
27 March 2024

How do I Know When to Break Up With Someone?

Deciding when to end a relationship can be challenging. Learn how Ally's Relationship temperature can help you provide insights into your relationship dynamics.

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A man and a woman are sitting outside, laughing after they have used self guided couples therapy
26 March 2024

Is Self-Guided Couples Therapy for You?

Explore how self-guided therapy complements traditional approaches, and learn about Ally, the relationship app designed to guide you towards renewal and growth.

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A man is holding his hand around a woman. They are sitting in a grey couch and talking about their relationship issues.
25 March 2024

Relationship Issues - Who Can I Talk To?

Improve your relationship through therapy or self-help tools like the Ally app to enhance communication and manage relationship issues.

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two men sitting in a couch and discussing the seven principles for making marriage work
22 March 2024

The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

Explore Dr. John Gottman's research on the seven principles for building and maintaining strong, fulfilling marriages.

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How to fix a broken relationship
21 March 2024

How to Fix a Broken Relationship

Discover effective strategies for repairing and strengthening a damaged relationship.

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A couple standing in a kitchen with two coffe cups and talking about to start with therapy for couples online, the man is trying to motivate.
20 March 2024

Motivate Your Partner

Discover different ways to motivate and inspire your partner to engage in therapy for couples online with you.

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A family playing outside in the rain while managing marriage and parenting
19 March 2024

Marriage and Parenting

The early years of parenthood can be tough on a marriage. Explore some common challenges and how the Ally app can help couples navigate challenges and strengthen their bond.

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Sitting together by the window, a man and a woman share a profound feeling of closeness.
18 March 2024

Increase the Feeling of Closeness

Discover practical tips to enhance your relationship and bring you closer together. Learn about the importance of positive actions, the magic ratio for passion and strong feelings of love, and more.

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A women sitting on the floor and thinking about if she has relationship anxiety vs relationship ocd.
15 March 2024

Relationship Anxiety Vs. Relationship OCD

Understand the complexities of relationship anxiety and relationship OCD. Learn the difference between the two conditions and what psychologists say to do if you have either one.

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A woman and a man sitting in a couch with a yellow blanket.  They laugh as they do the magical five hour exercise.
14 March 2024

The Magic Five Hours - Improve your Relationship

Discover this exercise and get a deeper connection with your partner by gaining new healthy relationship habits.

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A man and woman sitting on a couch
12 March 2024

Partner with Autism - Challenges and Solutions

Learn about common relationship challenges and practical solutions for building a strong and understanding relationship.

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A woman and a man sitting in their home navigating trough their work-life balance
8 March 2024

Sex and the Modern Work-Life Balance

Learn how to navigate the complexities of your work-life and maintaining intimacy with your partner.

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A man and woman sitting on a white couch and considering if there is a chance to get back together.
5 March 2024

Have You Separated but Want to Get Back Together with Your Ex?

Learn the factors that can influence the chances of get back together with your ex-partner.

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A man sitting on the ground and looks upset. Is he in a toxic relationship.
1 March 2024

Why Do I Always End Up in Toxic Relationships?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals appear to get stuck in only bad relationships with toxic people? It's a common phenomenon that often leaves the individual and those around them questioning what is causing this behaviour.

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A couple sitting together and trying online couples therapy
20 February 2024

Online Couples Therapy

Learn more about how online couples therapy can remove the barriers from seeking help.

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12 February 2024

Preventative Couples Therapy - When, Why and How?

Explore the benefits of preventative couples therapy and how it can strengthen your relationship.

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Healthy relationships
30 January 2024

Build a Healthy Relationship

Psychologists about the most important keys to a positive relationship

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Red flags in a relationship
18 January 2024

4 Red Flags in a Relationship

Learn to identify signs of an unhealthy relationship.

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A couple holding hands and wondering how to get the spark back in the relationship.
9 January 2024

How to Get the Spark Back in Your Relationship

Explore 7 tips from psychologists to rediscover warmth, love, and connection in your relationship.

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Responsive desire
2 January 2024

Understanding Responsive Desire in Relationships

Understand how it differs from spontaneous desire and learn how to create a sex-positive environment.

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Why do we argue during Christmas?
12 December 2023

Why Do We Argue During Christmas?

Explore why tensions often rise during the holiday season and how it impacts relationships.

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Communication exercises for couples
7 December 2023

Communication exercises for couples

Understand each other better and elevate your relationship with these communication exercises.

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How to improve communication in a relationship
19 October 2023

How to Improve Communication in a Relationship

Unlock the secrets to better relationship communication. Learn key strategies and avoid common pitfalls to strengthen your connection

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19 September 2023

Are You or Your Partner Jealous?

Coping with Jealousy in Relationships: Learn to Navigate Jealousy and Insecurity Together.

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How to apologize
14 September 2023

How to Apologize (Properly) in a Relationship

Learn how to apologize effectively and say sorry with sincerity using expert advice from psychologists.

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Marriage problems and how to solve them
6 September 2023

Marriage Problems and How to Solve Them

Discover expert advice for tackling marital issues and building a stronger relationship.

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Rejection sensitive dysphoria
1 September 2023

Navigating Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Explore the impact of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) on romantic relationships and learn effective strategies for navigating increased emotional sensitivity.

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Rebuild trust after a betrayal
24 August 2023

How to rebuild trust after a betrayal

Discover effective strategies for rebuilding trust after experiencing betrayal and how to navigate the journey towards renewed trust in your relationship.

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How to save a relationship
2 August 2023

How to Save a Relationship in Crisis

Advice from psychologists on how to save a relationship in crisis. Learn the importance of communication, understanding, personal motivation, and seeking professional help.

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Fight in relationship
13 July 2023

Minimizing Conflict and Fighting Fair in a Relationship

Discover effective tips for minimizing conflict and fighting fair in a relationship. Learn how to navigate disagreements and reduce fights to maintain a healthy relationship.

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How to build trust in a relationship
5 July 2023

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Discover the importance of trust in a relationship and learn how to rebuild trust when it's been broken. Explore key strategies for tackling trust issues, and fostering a stronger connection.

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Couples Therapy
29 June 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

Discover the benefits of couples therapy and how it can help resolve relationship problems. Learn more about when it's time to seek couples therapy.

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Money Matters in Relationships
16 June 2023

Money Matters in Relationships

Discover how money matters impact relationships and learn effective strategies to navigate divergent financial perspectives.

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