Meet Our Experts

Clara Zelleroth and Helga Johnsson Wennerdal, both licensed psychologists specializing in couples therapy, are the creators of the Ally Couples app.

Clara & Helga

They created Ally to help more people feel better in their relationships by removing the barriers associated with seeking couples therapy. Clara and Helga have both worked as psychologists for over ten years and have specialized training in couples therapy according to the Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) method.

One-third of all couples experience dissatisfaction in their relationship

We know that about one-third of all couples are distressed in their relationship and about half of all marriages end in divorce. Relationship distress has serious consequences such as increased risk of mental and physical illness.

Couples are hesitant to seek help for relationship problems

Despite the empirical support that couples therapy is helpful in dealing with relationship issues, not all couples take advantage of that. Studies have shown that only about a quarter of couples who divorce have sought professional help before the separation. Some of the most common reasons given for not seeking help are a reluctance to share their private lives and a belief that it is too late to seek help. Practical circumstances such as lack of time or money may also be contributing factors.

Our goal is for couples to feel good in their relationship. With Ally, we reduce the barriers to getting help, and couples hopefully seek help in time.


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