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How to Fix a Broken Relationship

Advice from psychologists on how to repair damage
  • 5 October 2023
  • 4min

Being in a relationship means sharing both joy and challenges. Living together is not always a bed of roses, and crises can sometimes shake the foundation of a relationship.

Can a broken relationship be fixed? And how do you begin? In this blog post, we will share some advice from psychologists to help you repair a breaking relationship and strengthen the bonds between you.

Your first step: Listen and try to understand each other

One of the most critical factors in fixing a broken relationship is open and honest communication. The very first step is to listen to each other.

Try to listen without judgment, argumentation, or problem-solving. Concentrate on understanding each other and the reasons you find yourselves where you are right now. Can you identify a common focus, an area you both want to work on to improve?

Understanding, and acceptance, of each other's emotions and experiences is crucial in mending a broken relationship. Can you put yourself in your partner's shoes and see the situation from their perspective? How have you contributed to reaching this point, and what could you do differently?

Are you motivated enough to stay?

When a relationship is in crisis, it's common for one or both partners to contemplate leaving. During the process of repairing a broken relationship, it's essential for both partners to consider their motivation to stay in the relationship.

What do you truly want? Are you willing to stay a little longer and do your part to work on improving the relationship? Ambivalence is common, but over time, it's vital to make a decision that you commit to for a while.

Your path to reconnection

In the journey of repairing a broken relationship, the importance of teamwork cannot be overstated. One crucial step in this journey is setting up a plan together for how to address the issues and work towards your shared goals.

The plan could include specific actions, timelines, and actions. It's like a roadmap that guides your efforts to reconnect.

Healing takes time

Remember that healing from a broken relationship takes time. Be patient with yourselves and each other. There will be setbacks and moments of frustration, but as long as you both remain committed to the process, progress is possible.

Try to celebrate the small victories along the way. Recognize and appreciate the efforts you both put into making things better.

Professional help might be needed

Seeking support can be necessary to repair a broken or damaged relationship, especially if your attempts to resolve the crisis on your own have been unsuccessful.

Collaborating with a trained psychologist or couples therapist can help you better understand each other's needs and discover new ways to communicate and rebuild trust.

Resolve relationship issues on your own

In the Ally couples and relationship app, you'll receive guidance and support for understanding relationship problems and working to resolve them. It’s a new form of self-guided couples therapy, available whenever and wherever you need it.

Through the exercises in the app, you'll be led toward a stronger relationship. Ally is developed by licensed psychologists Clara Zelleroth and Helga Johnsson Wennerdal to make the methods they use in couples therapy accessible to everyone.

Get started on building a stronger and closer relationship

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