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Online Couples Therapy

a Flexible Way to Access Marriage Counseling
  • 20 February 2024
  • 6min

Online couples therapy or marriage counseling has become increasingly relevant in today's digital world. While traditional therapy with a therapist requires couples to be able to meet simultaneously at the therapist's office, there are now several different ways to work on the relationship online and independently.

Here, we explore the advantages of online couples therapy and other self help tools and explain why it can be a great option for couples who want to work on their relationships without going to the couple therapist's office.

What is online couples therapy?

Online couples therapy, or couples counseling, can refer to different things. Firstly, several psychologists and therapists offer video meetings. In these cases, it's just like a regular therapy session with the difference that you meet digitally.

Secondly, there are various platforms available today, via websites or apps, where couples can get help to work on relationship problems or strengthen their relationship independently. Here, we will focus on online couples therapy as self-help, but if you are primarily interested in video calls, we recommend searching for couples therapy/marriage counseling and asking if it is possible to have online contact via video calls. Here, you can search for couples therapy near you

5 benefits of online couples therapy

1. Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of online couples therapy is that it is much more accessible than traditional therapy. You and your partner can participate from home or the location you prefer without having to travel to a physical place.

2. Privacy

It can feel scary and vulnerable to go to couples therapy. It is common to feel uncomfortable opening up to a therapist about the most intimate issues. Online sessions or app-based therapy provide a more relaxed and confidential setting, making it easier for hesitant individuals to share openly.

3. Flexibility

Online couples therapy also offers greater flexibility. Working on your relationship independently means you can easily schedule sessions at times that suit both partners' busy schedules.

4. Affordability

Traditional couples therapy with a private practice psychologist or therapist can be costly, with sessions in the United States ranging from $100 to $250 each. Over time, this can add up to significant expenses. Online therapy tools and relationship apps typically offer more budget-friendly options while still delivering effective results.

5. Provides real effect

There are studies on self-help programs for couples that show good results, which indicates that self-guided couples therapy is a good alternative to traditional therapy.

Breaking down barriers: How online couples therapy facilitates relationship support

As psychologists, we frequently meet couples facing challenges in their relationships. Many of these couples only consider seeking therapy when their relationship problems have become quite significant. There are several reasons why couples often delay seeking therapy until later stages:

Shame and stigma

Seeking therapy, particularly for relationship issues, can still carry a stigma for some individuals. It may feel like admitting failure or weakness, leading them to postpone seeking help until the situation feels unbearable. Unfortunately, this delay often means that reversing negative patterns requires more effort.

Misconceptions about therapy

Some couples hold misconceptions about therapy, viewing it as a last resort or suitable only for severely troubled relationships. Despite increased openness about therapy, not everyone recognizes its potential for preventative care and relationship improvement before reaching a crisis point.

Hope for self-resolution

Couples may mistakenly believe that their relationship problems will naturally resolve over time. This optimism can lead them to delay seeking professional assistance until they realize that issues are not resolving on their own.

Life's demands

Busy schedules filled with career, family, and other responsibilities can make it challenging for couples to prioritize therapy. They may feel they lack the time or financial resources to commit to therapy sessions, leading to postponement until they perceive having more availability.

Differing perspectives

When partners have differing views on the severity of relationship problems, it can hinder one partner's efforts to initiate therapy. One partner may perceive the issues as manageable or temporary, while the other may struggle with the current state of the relationship.

Online couples therapy addresses the barriers that often prevent couples from seeking help early in the relationship. By offering accessibility, anonymity, early intervention, reduced stigma, and flexible options, online therapy encourages couples to seek assistance at the onset of relationship challenges, ultimately leading to more effective resolution and healthier relationships.

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